Burning Man Frequency Coordination

Burning Man FM Frequency Assignment

FM Radio Frequency Assignments

Each broadcaster has the sole responsibility for remaining complaint with all Part 15 regulations. Each broadcaster is also responsible for maintaining the proper technical aspects of their station operation, as well as staying within their assigned bandwidth. Each station agrees that if they interfere with any other station, radio service, or public safety entity they will take corrective action immediately or cease broadcasting.

Please review your assignment! We ask kindly that new stations check in with us before transmitting. The band is crowded. Please understand it is NOT OK to just show up at the event and grab an open frequency even if it shows as unassigned on the spreadsheet. You need to let us know before broadcasting so everyone plays well together.

If you are a returning broadcaster and have confirmed, your station will have the box checked in the Confirmed column and shown as Green. If not, don’t panic — please send an e mail to Radio-List+owner@groups.io .

To join the list email “ Radio-List+subscribe@groups.io” with the word “subscribe” in the body. List traffic is usually pretty light. Please consider joining the broadcaster e-mail community before broadcasting. Specific frequency requests are considered, however we may assign you another open slot. Returning broadcasters always have priority on thier previous frequency assignment. If you choose not to join the list, please post frequency requests to the alias: Radio-List+owner@groups.io

In the following list:
Green = Station all set!
Yellow = Freq being reserved till June 15. If you’re Yellow send an e mail to: Radio-List+owner@groups.io
Red = Freq protected. Do not broadcast here!
White = Freq possibly open. Don’t assume it’s clear, we might be working on an update that has not been posted yet., e mail Radio-List+owner@groups.io to coordinate please.

12 responses to “Burning Man Frequency Coordination

  1. bernard

    Hi Radio Dionisys will be back at 97.7

  2. bernard

    hi Radio dionysis will be back at 97.7 for its 14 year

  3. Houston ⋅

    This page content does not appear viewable in Firefox.

  4. Doug

    Spanky’s Wine Bar has requested 100.5, 99.5 or 100.3, in that order.

  5. bh666 ⋅

    We’re late to the BM 2018 FM broadcast game but I’m wondering if a slot can be allocated for our project with one of the sound camps ?

  6. PM

    Back again RFFZ 96.7…

  7. PM

    RFFZ = RADIO FREE FRANK ZAPPA ~ All Frank all the TIME!

  8. Tim ⋅

    Possible dumb question. Is the Shouting Fire 99.5 FM a relay of the internet station or something unrelated. Thx!!

  9. azburner

    Note All new frequency assignment requests should be sent to Radio-List+owner@groups.io 

  10. azburner

    Apparently we had an unknown glitch in the comments section. Several people posted here and we never received or saw the comments come through on our end until we updated some of the info. PLEASE, if you want to confirm an assignment join the discussion group listed above. Or simply send me an email to:

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